Romantic Dating Tips How to be Romantic

  • Understand what romance means and why it is important and understand what romantic aspects there are to your own character.  Nobody has a heart made of stone, however tough their outside.
  • Understand that romance is not the only domain of women and that men who are intimate are a Lot More effective when dating

  • Romance has nothing whatsoever to do with masculinity.  In fact, being intimate can improve your masculinity and reputation with women.

  • Not all girls are naturally romantic either but that doesn't even must be the case.

  • The key to being intimate is thoughtfulness.  So start being somewhat less thoughtless and greedy.

  • Communicate with your spouse on every level and expect their desires and needs.

  • Look at your spouse when they are talking and maintain their gaze

  • Understand that disposition, location, ambience and situation can heighten romance with dramatic effect

  • Phone Simply to say hello, I adore you and surprise your spouse 

  • Learn how to say, I love you and mean .  Don't say it , if you don't mean it

  • Send them notes and Tiny cards telling them you Are Thinking about them

  • Be spontaneous and do little deeds which show you are thinking about them

  • Put your partner first, especially as a surprise having a spontaneous trip away

  • Remember birthdays, anniversaries and landmark days such as the day you first met and plan something

  • Listen to the clues that your spouse Provides you, such as things they like and books they see and buy little presents 
  • Keep being intimate.  In a good relationship, romance never ends

  • Compromise.  Putting yourself first is not romantic.

  • Folks send far few letters these days.  Use good excellent stationery too.

  • Watch romantic films together and spend quality time doing the things you talk about and both appreciate 

  • Make cards rather than buying them.  It shows thought and inspiration.

  • Take your spouse on a picnic to the park or beach and get ready in advance without involving them.  Initiative illustrates romance nicely

  • Don't be a cold fish.   Touching without intercourse is a lot more intimate but don't constantly hug without kissing!

  • Kiss your date and Learn How to enjoy the finer qualities of caring for its own sake

  • Dance together when the occasion appears and show them special attention

  • Hold hands and do anything make your spouse feel close to you

  • Hold and hug your spouse in bed, particularly after sex

  • Talk converse and chat about everything and anything 

  • Allow your spouse to breathe and do separate things to enhance the sense of romance when you are together

  • Should you don't cook dinner for your date, then start learning my buddy.  A surprise dinner with candles is romantic

  • Purchase modest gifts that show great thought in what they enjoy.  But not too many otherwise it has the reverse effect

  • Bear in mind that romance is frequently about giving of yourself, even if it is only your precious time when you could have had other programs.  Making your spouse a priority is vital

  • Do things that make you laugh.  Laughter and romance go hand in hand

  • Bear in mind that romance is in the small details and doesn't need to be expensive in any way.  I'd rather receive a handmade card any day than a costly gift

  • Expect your partner's fantasies and desires to show them you are listening to them and that you care

  • Expect rightfully that romance is a two-way procedure though the romance that you provide is simply giving of yourself 

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