Interchanging Poetry, A New Poetry Term

Poetry is the complete elegance of the individual heart expressing emotion in a kind which delights, and leaves the reader with a sense of contentment in 1 spectrum, and a sense of guilt in another.  No other type of writing has the power and ability to inspire the human emotion generated through poetry.

There are over sixty different popular kinds of poetry commonly employed nowadays.  Many forms from the Old World, are Americanized to match the American fashion for writing.

Interchanging Poetry is a story combining poetry with conversation, discussion, debate, or description; utilizing the poetry to highlight the narrative.  It's a new type of poetry creating interchanging literary devices to boost poetic discourse.

Normally, writers will include a poem in their post, book, or publication to create a point or blog for a reference.   This isn't a frequent practice with poets, who write specific types of poetry after based poetic format.

Frequently, poets wish they'd a methodology to describe why they wrote a specific poem or as a follow up for their own thought process in producing the poem.  When you compose using the Interchanging Poetry format, you broaden your capacity to expound about the significance of the words composed as poetic saying; providing the reader a better insight to the amazing world of the brain conceived and has attained through poetry.

In creating this type, these qualifiers for differentiating a job as Interchanging Poetry:
(1) The whole work has to be the first work of this writer.
(2) The poetry has to improve the subject, it might be any kind desired.
(3) References could be mentioned if a quotation or definition is employed.

But there are instances I choose to write about a subject I think needs caution and that I will use poetry and narrative combined to deliver power to my own writing.

I'd written several pieces linked to the issue but I never voiced how I felt or the effects of Cancer in my entire own life.  

Inside my loved ones, at the Navy, also in my business career, I've known several brave women diagnosed with this dreadful disease.  All made the choice to undergo a surgical process from lymph node dissection into a mastectomy.  Luckily, all are over 5 decades; the maximum post-surgery is 40 decades, which speaks volumes for improvements in therapy.

I write poems about breast cancer in my own standpoint for a man and my view most guys respond in a similar way.  The Long Ride is a manifestation of The Scar from another standpoint and Walk With Me is a poem of love and also a trip to knowing, and glancing out this set of poems is my own personal favorite Love Remains True.

The Scar
After we met,
I marveled in the perfect flesh;
Nary a blemish or wrinkle did cancel.
Until cancer took your own breast,
Leaving a scar, clear as a hill range
Upon your flawless flesh.
The scar that a reminder of what was 
And a logo, not of a finish,

But a brand new beginning of existence .
The Long Ride
It Isn't outward look 
Love does endure 
It's inner beauty
takes love
For your long ride

It's possible to observe how poetry was Interchanged to describe the significance of the story, notifying the reader why those poems are significant.  No more does the reader want query the meaning of the poem, It's known .

" I've introduced Interchanging Poetry on this Website and much more could be found at, below Lists: Interchanging Poetry

Interchanging poetry is enjoyable to write.  As a genre which may be used to educate both the sentence structure and poetic saying to our childhood, in addition to increase appreciation for the beauty that's Poetry, it takes very little practice to become adept.  Your readers will probably appreciate your ideas as you write the poetry which communicates your innermost thoughts.  Try it, I promise, it is going to provide you an entirely different view.   

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