Leave a Good Impression on a First Date - Tips For Gents

Don't overdress!   If you're a jeans-sneakers man, don't suddenly appear in suits and leather shoes only to demonstrate the importance of this date, unless of course you're perfectly comfortable with this too.  Dressing up is supposed to boost your confidence, to smooth the means of revealing your nature and your charm, instead of dragging you from your comfort zone by looking anything but the real you.  

Feeling comfortable is the foundation of feeling confident.  Added pressure needs to be avoided, as it already has a certain amount of strain on a first date!  Should you don't wear cologne, apply just a little instead of showering in it.  Remember, less is more -- better to keep her interested by the elusiveness of a odor than drowning her in plainly intrusive fragrance water.

Be honest to your self.  Honesty is absolutely not equal with a complete personality vulnerability right on a first date, but it's important to give the real picture of you.   If you're a timid, shy, introvert man, don't try to play the big macho fella or the funny clown.  Be confident and understand there is no special set of criteria of being confident.  Know yourself and see the values and beauty within you.  Let your character reveal obviously.  Be honest to yourself and she'll fall for you.  If she is not impressed or you, oh well, she is not your woman, certainly nothing regrettable.

Have great manners.   It's an era of men-women equality-but that it has nothing to do with her being individual or not.  She can be a powerful, powerful business girl, however on a date, she may enjoy being taken to dinner or a drink by a man.  With absolutely no intention of calling names, I've met some who literally asked me to pay for my cola on a first date.  Being heavily taken aback by this utter absurdity, I felt ashamed for such situation and decidedly withdrew without a return.  You overlook 't need to be overly cautious by pulling chair for her or carrying her bag or demonstrate your masculinity by placing her into a little girl position.  However, the principles shouldn't be completely erased under a big hat of men-women equality-- for I am only speaking about a first date.

 You could have experienced extensive chat sessions or email exchanges before you two set to get a first date--you might even feel you've fallen in love with this woman.  However, just to avoid the strangest awkwardness and the potential prolonged distaste if you two actually meet in person, in bright day light, I urge coffee , as it merely gets you off the hook sooner instead of a long dinner.  If the spark is there and you two had a great time, you can suggest opting for dinner later, or arranging another date shortly after.

Be relaxed, be very relaxed.  Don't let stress shadow your air and prevent you from being the itself.  Lower your expectation, recall: this woman, however gorgeous and funny she seemed to beup to this stage, is only a date.  When she turned out to be less than what you believed or a complete bummer, embrace it as an enjoyable experience, as though you're in a movie!   Be open-minded and liberated at heart, because this attitude can help you to get over a unsatisfactory date and optimistically continue your experience! 

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