Why Do I Write Poetry?

I sculpt keywords.  I quit.  I lean my head.  I hear the echoes.  The tables of psychological resonance.  The nice tuned reverberations of love and pain and fear.  Air waves and photonic ricochets replied by compounds secreted in my colleagues as well as my readers. 

I understand beauty.  I've always understood it at the biblical sense, it had been my ardent mistress.  We procreated the chilly kids of my own texts.  I quantified its aesthetics admiringly.  However, this is the math of grammar.  

Devoid of all emotions, I see your responses with the sated entertainment of a Roman nobleman.

I wrote:
"My entire world is painted in lots of dread and despair.  Maybe they're related - I dread that the sadness.  To steer clear of the overweening, sepia depression that lurks in the dark corners of my being - I refuse my own feelings.  I do this thoroughly, together with all the single-mindedness of a survivor.   I automate my procedures.  Gradually, portions of my flesh become metal and I stand there, subjected to sheering winds, as grandiose as my disease.

I write poetry to obtain focus, to fasten adulation, to secure on to the manifestation in the view of others that moves for my Ego.  

All these are dark poems.   There's not any dread in misuse.  The terror is in the endurance, at the dreamlike detachment from 1 's life that follows.  People around me believe my surrealism.  They back away, alienated, discomfited from the limpid placenta of my reality.

Now I'm left alone and that I compose umbilical poems as the others would converse.

Before and after prison, I've written mention books and documents.  

I tried my hand at midnight earlier, in Hebrew, but neglected.  Tis odd.  It is said that poetry is the girl of emotion.  Not in my situation.

I never believed in prison - and there, I composed in prose.  The poetry I authored because you does mathematics.  It had been the syllabic music which brought me, the capacity to write with words.  I wasn't seeking to express some deep truth or to communicate something about myself.  I needed to recreate the magic of this broken metric.  I recite aloud a poem before it SOUNDS right.  I compose vertical - the heritage of prison.   It's ascetic and, to me personally, so is poetry.  A purity.  An abstraction.  A series of symbols available to exegesis.  It's by far the most sublime intellectual quest on earth which narrowed and has come to be just my wisdom. " 

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