Are Men With Deeper Voices More Attractive?

Two qualities which the female sexual takes note of are a guy 's confidence and his voice.  

Everyone has a deeper voice inside; it's just a matter of discovering it.  Since most men and women rely upon their throat and vocal folds (cords) to power and enhance the voice, the end result is frequently less-than-pleasing.  Thus, what are Sean Connery, George Clooney, James Earl Jones, Vin Diesel, Peter Coyote, and the late, great Barry White doing that you likely are not?

They are using their chest as their primary sounding board.  When that occurs, the voice gets quite warm, resonant and sensual, moving in the torso.  Just comparing the size of another four resonating cavities - voice box, throat, mouth, and nose - you can start to comprehend what's going on to all those sound waves once you add your torso cavity to the image.  The latter is responsible for more depth and breadth to the voice.  (And, if you sing, then you will find your singing voice will improve also with greater range and more fullness or breadth.)

What is intriguing about the man voice is that large guys do not necessarily have deeper voices.  Some of the very best male voices I've ever heard have come in brief guys.  And, a number of the strongest voices I've ever heard have come in quite tall guys.

Another oddity about the man voice is that individuals who mumble are somewhat tall; whereas, even shorter guys frequently speak with more distinction.  (I am not saying that all tall guys mumble and most of short guys have energetic voices - but, from my years of experience, it holds true in a surprising variety of instances.)

Though you might not have the exact same thickness to your speaking voice as that of Vin Diesel, if you are not currently using your torso cavity to power your sound, then there's no doubt you have a deeper-pitched voice than you are unaware of.  I call it your 'actual ' voice and yelling or screaming isn't the best way to locate it.

If you appreciate the image you are projecting, find your real voice.  She'll believe you are that much more attractive - and sexy to boot! 

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