How to Go Down on a Woman

 To go back on a woman doesn't require a miracle, it is a simple achievable action if done the right way.  Below are a few pointers to help you achieve this.

Prepare the mood for love earning ancient enough.  Do not rush the last minute.  You can achieve this by buying her a few flowers during the afternoon, composing and sending love or romantic messages, playing with her, cooking for her favourite dinner, kissing her for a couple of seconds and touching her while she performing her regular duties i.e. cooking.  This way you'll be giving her a hint on what is in store for her.  

Help her unwind by placing her head at ease.  Let her be comfortable and calm around you.  You can place some romantic soft music to listen to and dim the lights.  Talk about soft intriguing topics, this is not the opportunity to bring up topics such as finances, politics and career.

Begin by licking her lips, arms and neck.  Touch her hair and lick her earlobes.  Suck her nipples softly.  Try as much as possible to assume she has a vagina.  Ignore it completely at this stage.    Let her feel at the top of the world by taking time to research her stunning body.  Make her guide you on where to get her.  Close any other idea but her.

Instead of using artificial lubricant, then use her readily natural accessible lubricant.  A girl 's vagina generates its own lubricant whenever she's aroused nicely enough.  Touch her much as possible to create her wet.  Twist her clitoris softly, do not be in her rush.  The clitoris is very sensitive.   Suck every one of them gently and gently.  Tease her anus by rubbing your fingers on it and by using the head of your penis .The entrance of the vagina has very sensitive nerves which when touched the right way cause great pleasure.  Thrust your tongue inside her anus .Start by slowly thrusting in and out her vagina with your tongue and licking at her anus up and down and sucking the clit softly.  When you are giving her oral intercourse recall to tilt up your tongue so since you're able to access her G-spot.  In no time she is going to be moving her buttocks and junking upwards in delight, it won't be hard for you to be aware of which rhythm to use, she'll definitely guide you.  Don't forget to spell out her beautiful name using your tongue inside her vagina.

To spice it all, you can add one or two fingers inside her vagina .Start by fingering her slowly and softly.  Then increase your rate the way she enjoys it.  Listen to the comments she's giving you.   As a man you need to be able to know when she's faking it.  Ask her how she's feeling and how she needs it.

 You will have attained satisfying her sexually which is to your advantage.  Always constantly research on additional techniques about how you're able to satisfy her.  This can be found in magazines, net and sex books. 

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