Express your Ideas via Urdu Sher-o-Shayari

However, not many beyond the Indian sub-continent understand of Urdu language let alone Urdu poetry.  Urdu, that is thought to be a brilliant mixture of Persian, Arabic and Turkish, is possibly the sweetest of ancient languages.  Urdu poetry or sher o shayri because it's understood in common parlance is famous for its highly romanticized and soul stirring verses.  

Sher-o-Shayri at Urdu is frequently reminiscent of topics that involve human emotions, character, and of course... the never obsolete theme - love.  In the times of yore rendering Sher-o-Shayri has been an elaborate affair with walkers being requested to deliver their job via mushairas or poetic expositions.  Poets were granted a frequent theme or a specific type of poetry or Shayari and requested to leave poems accordingly.  The audience regularly applauded the work of those antiques through 'Vah-Vah' - that the term used for applause.

There are various kinds of Urdu poetry, together with the main ones being, ghazal( a poems that's composed of at least 5 plus a maximum of 25 verses, using a frequent theme that runs round the poem), Qasida( an ode or a poem that deals with a significant occasion ), Marsiya( a poem which refers to the events that resulted in the passing of Hassan and Hussein and his loved ones ), Masnavi( a heterosexual love ), Tazkira(a biographical anthology) and Nazm.  Every poet has his own distinct style of composing, with every poet departing a 'takhallus' or a pencil name in the conclusion of the poem (normally on the previous couplet) as a touch.

Now mushairas normally don't adhere to an issue.  Poets are free to recite anything they feel like.  Gen -Y, nevertheless doesn't recognize with those proper settings and also favor a casual setting to talk about their love for Urdu and Urdu poetry.  As a result of a range of Pakistani chat rooms, Urdu fans all around the world can share their love for the speech.  These forums are utilised to discuss everything directly from Kahani Urdu, Shayri SMS, enjoy Shayri, gloomy shayri, shayri on dosti... ghazal, as well as greeting cards.  Besides Urdu, these chat rooms supply a healthful meeting ground for Urdu fans from all around the world to go over myriad subjects. 

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