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Ben 10 is a hugely booming animated television show from the united states.  The series was printed and created by cartoon network studios.  The first episode for its Ben 10 program aired on the animation community station on December 27 2005 and to day was operating for 4 seasons with 52 aired episodes.  There's already been 3 feature length films with the first in 2007 frequently called The Secret of The Omnitrix and also the 2nd afterwards on in 2007 known as The Race Against Time.  The next movement picture premiered in 2009 called Alien Swarm and there's a forth motion image in 3D branded Ben 10 Destroy Aliens in the present time in production and intended for 2012 and new Ben 10 toy merchandise to go for this.

The storyline in Ben 10 the first shows revolve round Ben Tennyson a ten year-old boy on a camping trip with his loved ones finds that an alien watch invent known as Omnitrix.  The watch provides him the capability to change into different aliens with identifying powers.  Then he takes on the obligation to protect the whole world from wicked beings together with the assistance of his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max.

The sequel to Ben 10 is Ben 10 Alien Force witch established on Cartoon Network April 18 2008 and can be place five decades after.  

The next sequel reveal Ben 10 Ultimate Alien is ongoing in the show finale of Ben 10 Alien Force.

A fourth sequel series is now in creation.

Main characters
Benjamin "Ben 10" Tannyson is a ten year-old boy using a confident and very possibly just a bit over the top attitude and likes to joke about during actions conflicts with aliens.  He's quite nice and faithful to his teammates and home.

She's a small young women negative mindset but includes a ability and attention for magical that proves to become quite valuable in several of issues.

He use to maintain a astronaut training class to the United States Army.

After the huge success of Ben 10 heaps of different kinds of Ben 10 toys and overall things is still licensed or developed to many different businesses in many regions.  Some of the favorite products include comic books, games, Lego, bedding, bags, toys and apparel.  Bandai is the firm behind lots of those Ben 10 alien action figures and products to its many different string. 

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