Pushkin throughout his lifetime was constantly disagreed with the authorities.  We were educated in Russian college at the Soviet era.  Nevertheless, the tsarist government was also generous.   And at the difficult and tumultuous times - resettled in distant lands.  Let themthey state, it will the composing poems.

And exactly what did or whom was Alexander Pushkin now?

This query is at the air, and it provides audiences the St. Petersburg tv.

By Way of Example, journalist Pavel Nikiforov proposes:
  • If you aren't a politician, then what?
Internet users react to this question:
  1. Teacher of literature, also and he had been beaten from the Nazis along with the skins in their way to college 
  2. The winner of Russia in sports.  Negroids are great from the sprint and long distance running.
  3. This type of man as Pushkin, wasn't destined to be a politician, a Soviet author.  

 Remember the six-pointed superstar on his tomb.
  1. This is a genius and also a wonderful poet.  And we must repent that he's currently living together.  We've got him in my arms and forced to put on a fabulous poet existence, in the event, of course, understood that he is going to make it Pushkin.  (Zoshchenko)
  2. Behind his irony, epigram, explosive, excitement to the match and seems funny to teens known as it "Humorous men and women ".  

Movies about Pushkin, intriguing information, in Addition to a poll on the site "The destiny of Russia in the 21st Century" (  )

Who'd Pushkin at our time?

Possible replies:
In our period, living authors and poets, that is now also referred to as the fantastic and brilliant.  However, in life, nobody was in a rush to wear them in your hands and hold them into a fantastic life.  They aren't published (Bulgakov), expelled from the country (Khodasevich), doomed to poverty and thirst (Zoshchenko), driven into certain death in the Kolyma (Mandelstam), or just murdered (Babel).  Since Joseph Brodsky, that had been "idler" on Vasilevsky Island, it had been delivered into the "free" nation, as the police have envied him the Nobel Prize.

There's another book about the heritage of Pushkin in our daily - "Code of Onegin," the author 's Brain Down (Our answer to this "Da Vinci Code").  I suggest to read for people who love conspiracies, intrigue, mysticism, and experience.

Think: Who's your most preferred and is frequently commemorated by the folks Russian author?  Who became a sign of Russian statehood, and in precisely the exact same timeRussian riot?  Who, after all, will shut the door ?  Obviously, Pushkin.

Two centuries of Russian history happened under that title.  However, if anybody knows, except that the characters in this novel, the authentic face of this brilliant author of "Eugene Onegin"?  Does anybody have shown a particular manuscript which retains dark secrets Russian descendant of African American witch?  ...

Honorary citizenship of the late Alexander Pushkin innovative our MPs don't give.  Compared to the late democratic mayor.  But people are amused by Pushkin.

Pushkin Day June 6, 2012 at St. Petersburg stated on Arts Square.  Famous St. Petersburg musicians of theatre and movie, Anna Kovalchuk, Ivan Krasko, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Sergey Migitsko beneath a white tent point read Pushkin's fairy tales, also played with a theatrical performance together with scenes from the youth of this poet and his Lyceum youth.

In the party was seen along with the protagonist of the afternoon.  Alexander was photographed with everybody on the foundation of this monument to Pushkin.

Celebrations were held in this afternoon and at Tsarskoye Selo, in which Pushkin studied.  From the Constantine Palace in honour of the poet Strelna held that the chunk.

There are a demonstration of "living movies " with scenes in the life span of Pushkin, interactive performances, dancing and musical interludes with matches, competitions and tips, performances for kids and adults, studying works by the fantastic Russian poet of the Spanish, Italian, Georgian and other languages.

Pushkin's poetry at the time, He'd Find a court ruling against extremism

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