Tomma Abts Abstract Art Isn't A "knock " - But It's Alright

The artist that achieved this accomplishment hails from Germany and can be known as is Tomma Abts.  To be able to carry the Turner Prize - at the closing, Tomma needed to overcome three prominent artists.

They're worthy of a mention .   
By winning the Turner prize Tomma Abts added a trendy 25,000 pounds sterling for her bank balance.  Nevertheless it's frequently stated that when it concerns the Turner Prize the vulnerability one receives out of winning is worth much more than the money value...

What type of artwork does Tomma Abts produce?  Well oil or acrylic paintings really - abstract artwork.  Maybe some might say that this is odd considering that is theTurner Prize.  It's not famous for choosing easy "lowly" painters .  NonethelessTomma Abts was selected originally due to her painting exhibitions.  

Tomma Abts was commended by no less than the Tate Gallery who explains her canvases as "romantic " and "persuasive ".   Additionally the Tate says that Tomma Abts "accentuates the language of abstract artwork ".

With this kind of praise heaped upon her mind it's no surprise for me that she won the trophy.  But I really believe Tomma's abstract art isn't "knock out" but it certainly is OK.

Tomma Abts produces her works via repeating geometric shapes and characters on layers of rich colors.   That being said I really do find that a few of Tomma's art work does really move me in unexpected ways.

I don't know why - but every Tomma Abts painting steps just 48 x 38 cms.  However I can see that this creates for much more focused or concentrated art.  Just Tomma herself understands why she chosen for these specific measurements.

When creating titles because of her paintings seemingly Tomma only plucks one out of a dictionary of first names!  Titles like "Veeke" such as were created this manner.  In my opinion that is definitely only marginally more intriguing than numbering every picture!

There's not any doubt that Tomma Abts makes abstract artwork that's comprehensible to the general public.  This something that's in marked contrast to other winners of the Turner Prize.  Additionally a film by Tomma Abts couldn't possibly offend anybody save the maximum feeble-minded of spirits!

In the long run it's only my personal opinion but I really do believe it's completely posible which Tomma Abts goes on to be a family name - inside her course she could likewise disappear without trace from the press - and our heads at the blink of an eye, for the very same reasons. 

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