Fairy Stone With The Horrible Mountain

Have a look at precisely the exact same Fairy bangle, Brain, Stark and Ford feel surprise and certainly will 't help ask more details concerning the witch Emily along with the bad man Voldemort, because their creature Fox never told them anything about this man and the way to utilize Fairy show, they must learn more things and more information about Fairy!

Emily is the chief of the witches on the planet, she have a fantastic magical power and ruined a great deal of creatures here.  1 afternoon once I was playing my pal and unfortunately assaulted by some men, and what blessed is Emily was train herself nearby and spared us.  Then she explained that she discovered I have a unique power can restrain among those Fairy show, and he said I'll meet somebody who possess the exact same skill with me and we'll fight with each other to beat a poor guy later on.

About a couple of months before, she devote this Fairy bangle to me and explained she have to locate the previous one who will restrain Fairy and if she discovered that man she will call usI think she's found us!

Voldemort, it's the man Emily advised me!  It possesses some fantastic power even Emily can't against thus we have to utilize the ability of Fairy to conquer it!  Voldemort, it had been sealed at the mountain of wicked; we ought to visit there to wait for Emily!

After discussing what they've already knowthey have a definition and strive their very best to found the authentic ability of Fairy series since they can't wait others to instruct them and nobody else will do this also!

On the way into the mountain of wicked, Brain discovered that a great deal of villages were ruined by somebody, but they are able to 't locate the odor of creatures and that usually means those items were achieved by individual.

" Fox inquire and feel unhappy.

"It mast ne somebody who wish to boost its power because each the men and women who died are missing their spirit, it means that the man use the spirit of person to track himself! ", Brain clarify this to others, "individual 's soul possess a ability of soul, if anybody who will collect them and utilize them blend into his own soul, even if he can restrain that power, that's could be dreadful! "

At this moment, an unearthly individual was shut to them.  Obviously, Stark has recognized that man already.  Before the man attack them, Stark has leap into the place at which the individual hide and induce him from there.

 " Stark consider this man and ask him.

"I'm a vampire out of Nihon and that I feel confused why most of yours accumulated at this location.  And I had been traveling within this nation to locate one precious stone named Fairy! " the man told them. 

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