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HOW TO IMPRESS A WOMAN / Whatsoever Prices You've got to NOT Tell THE Lady That you LIKE HER EVEN If you DO.  So you've got a less than wholesome success rate with women am I correct?  I bet if you're like me you constantly wonder when you're tuning a woman at a club and you ask her for her number and she doesn't give it to you personally or ( I presume this 1 's worse) she gives you her number then you ring her a few times and she doesn't call back.

Does it seem that woman you're considering constantly says for you "I like you but at a friendship kind of way"?

The truth is most guys get that answer not because of their looks or cash etc..  It's because they are an absolute whimp and they don't have any clue how to impress a lady.

So the next time you meet with a hottie and you seem to be getting along well with her. .  Do yourself a favor and don't tell her you like her because she will swith off immediatley.

Excellent searching females have guys telling them all the time they enjoy them and how lovely they are.  These losers take them out to expensive dinners and buy them expensive presents... There's only word for these kind of man WOOSIES ( They believe they know how to impress a lady but they do not).

Yes Woosies I say, these guys have a very low success rate picking up women.  How do I understand that... well I was one of those WUSSIES.

So in case you would like to understand how to impress a woman then it's essential for you to adhere to the measure You need to absolutley not in all prices tell her you like her!!!!!

I bet you are saying to yourself when should I tell her?  I understand you're saying this because the first time I heard it I was asking the same question.  Not till she asks you.  It'll be driving you nuts, buy you have to understand that this really is survival of the fittest ( haha) only kidding but it's a match and by you not stating that you're into her will probably be driving her mad.  So maintain control, keep your game face on.  If you do this by the fifth or fourth date she'll be asking you "so do you like me or perhaps " and you can say in a serene manner "yeah I do".  Here's a tip when she asks you if you enjoy her, then respond in a calm manner don't get carried away and state "man I'm so glad you asked me that question" or "I adore you" etc..

Keep it together!!!

I understand it really is only 1 tip however, it's a significant tip, if you stick with it that you 'll have a sizable enhanced success rate with girls.

 I figure by know you understand that meeting sexy women is an art form.  It's a procedure and if you accelerate the procedure you will loser her!!!

One error in the procedure will mess up your chances of picking up women and understanding how to impress a lady!!!

Still not certain on how to impress a woman with success. .  . .

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