Recognizing Urdu Poetry

Urdu has ever been regarded as the sweetest one of languages.  It's the terminology which amuses myriad emotions, and thus the favored selection of poets and linguists.  Urdu Shayari is a significant part Pakistani culture, using quite a few poets to its own credit who've coloured the speech using their unforgettable verses.  

It's not just Shayari but additionally Kahani Urdu that's many patrons.   Masnavi is a classical kind of Sher-o-Shayri, which 's categorized under Nazm.  All these are descriptive and long poems which encircle a frequent theme.  Poets typically use these to write about love, faith and societal difficulties.

Marsiya on the other hand is a poem which 's composed to salute and love the excellent men of Islam.   These poems are often written to mourn.

Ghazal is possibly the most popular of all kinds of Sher-o-Shayari.  This is definitely the toughest to compose also.  Romance is generally shared through Ghazals.  It means a dialog with the beloved.  The term comes from the Arabic term Ghizaal or gazelle.  These poems are often written in minimum verse of 5 and maximum of 25, with every verse having a comprehensive significance, that doesn't shed its identity when read individually.

But kids now, no more are interested to invest some time on fancy settings in those mushairas.  They prefer to discuss their own love for Sher-o-shayri via Urdu forum's which can be found on Pakistani chat rooms.  These forums are a frequent meeting point for fans of the speech to go over their love for the speech and Sher-o-Shayri.  

These forums also run online mushairas, on routine basis where individuals are encouraged to reevaluate their creation.   It's not just the Pakistanis, but Urdu fans all around the world that are drawn to those forums. 

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