How to Win an Asian Womans Heart

Increasing number of Western guys from USA, UK and Australia wants to meet, date and marry Asian women.  Australian men find Asian women naturally charming, attractive and likely more submissive than western women.

 This is due to a massive cultural differences between the two the east and the west in regards to relationship and dating.

Thus, what are a few things to take note of if dating a Filipina?  Dating a Thai woman?  Dating a Chinese woman?

First and most important thing to know is that single Asian women are severe when looking for love and potential relationship.  They generally don't play around with various guys nor play with "matches ".  In reality, the term "match " and " dating " is never naturally utilized in almost any Asian language.

Asian women believes in one man one woman connection.  To put it differently, they need a guy who is loyal, committed and faithful to them.  It's not uncommon for an Asian woman to marry her very first boyfriend.

Secondly, ROMANCE.  After in a relationship, an Asian girls love small but romantic thing that comes in the center of her partner (e.g. Carrying her bag, inquiring what she wants for dinner, opening up the doorway etc.) It's essential that her guy acts as a gentleman.  Physically hurting her or directly telling off her in a loud voice is a big NO NO.  Never cheat on her.  

Third is financial stability.  Being financially secure does not mean being rich.  Financially secure for many Asians simply means you with a job and source of income to maintain an adequate lifestyle (e.g. Position to live in, food to cook and consume, money for future child 's schooling )

Sometime, openness to wanting her regional food.  Don't say no straight away when you are presented a fish with mind and expressive eyes staring at you nor shake your mind when your Asian woman excitedly hands you a duck fetus convinced that you'll love it.  Give it a try, try it.  THEN say no next time.

Lastly, appropriate hygiene is important.  Notably for Asians from Southeast Asia such as Filipinas.    Thus, don'forget to wash if dating an Asian.

These days, technology has made it easy for Western men to meet single Asian women.  The amount of Asian women linking free dating site also improved drastically this season indicating a greater willingness to cross cultural connection.

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