The Breath Of The Almighty Gives Me LIFE

The Spirit of God has left me and the Breath of the Almighty has given me life.    The person who rules and reigns with  alone are God.  You've created usthis earthen vessel from the dirt and the dust.  In the heart to heart and breast to breast feeding you formed us in your picture and put upon our torso.  Into our nostrils that you lacked "this breath of Life"And I AM, we're a living creation.

I'm so thrilled to be awakened, a brand new song in my mouth: Abba Father.  I do declare I'm born of His Spirit, washed in His blood, and full of His Perfect Love.   To praise, adore and love Him, to trust with religion to think: His lifestyle Testimony, His Departure my Victory, His Resurrection my own Authority.  His gifts, abilities, and abilities, his sustenance I really do get.  God's Spirit has compelled me to see beyond this physical world, along with also the spirit of discernment in the internal ear: '' I really do hear Him Discuss.  My breath have given life to great expectations in my realm there's not any deception.

My Sons and Daughters actively participate yourself in this reception committ entirely for this beginning.  The Holy Ghost, The Almighty: that breath of life have contributed conception.  My Sons and Daughters you're pregnant with twins: Inhale and Exhale, bring forth and give birth.  Multiply breathing, Take dominion, replinish the ground that is the season.  Put an end to all doubt, unbelief and fear, stretch your throat, nice tune your ear, breathe-inhale profoundly, be cautious and listen to, follow the Lord and dwell.  My claims are true and will occur, my boon shall last: you're Abraham's seed that you do belong.

My power I breathed to you, don't be frightened of the wicked faces, you're seated together with me in heavenly regions.  Discuss my word , Enjoy unselfishly (Agopy) Rejoice, Delightfully, Give Cheerfully, Goal to perform God's will everyday, perform God's plan for your life with integrity.  

Exhale liberally this breath , it blows hard against most of strife, it shatters the shadow and strikes a mortal blow against allevil.  Exhale ruin the principalities, dominions of insanity, void and unholiness.  This breath of life develop more powerful and more ferocious blasting through all of satanic principle, this breath of life did pierce., providing noise, a voice, a phrase did take shape: BE, and this breath of life is mild for you and for me personally.

Darla Y. Wilson-West in Briana's Inner Beauty Life Basics dwelling a 4Ever Healthy & Fit Lifestyle.

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